Operation Quality

Game Idea

The Idea

Before concluding the contract, a quality assurance agreement (QAA) must be negotiated with the supplier and included in the offer. 

The Aim

More mutual understanding about the differences arising between the purchasing and quality departments and the supplier.

The Motto

Quality has a price tag. 

Game Procedure

For between 9 – 18 participants. One team negotiates in parallel with three suppliers. 

 1. Day

  • Introduction and preparation for the round of negotiations
  • First round of negotiations
  • Feedback and coaching 
  • Development of QAA elements for each team 
  • Further rounds of negotiations on QAA and included costs
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Final round of negotiations and award of contract

2. Day

  • Discussion and analysis of the game procedure 
  • Ideas about QAA design and content 
  • Concept for negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Team discussions on the negotiation rounds 
  • Self and external perception by the team and coach
  • Success factors in the cooperation between quality, sales and purchasing 

What do the participants learn?

  • Awareness of the costs of quality, quality requirements and quality implementation
  • When does quality require to be negotiated?
  • What influence does quality have on price negotiations?
  • What else needs to be negotiated to minimise the risk?

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