Operation Legal

Game Idea

Die Idee

Learn through games – also called gamification – and experience the contents, clauses and specifications of the legal, purchasin and sales departments in the simulation. Create a LOI (Letter of Intent) which both sides will want to sign as the basis for a trusting cooperation. Negotiate the contractual basis between the customer and the supplier. 

The Aim

More mutual and legal understanding between purchasing and sales of their joint expectations. 

The Motto 

The legal department is always good for a surprise… 

Game procedure

For between 9-18 participants. One purchasint team negotiates in parallel with three suppliers who create a LOI (Letter of Intent) in advance and then want to conclude a contract. 

1. Day

  •           Group split into 1 purchasing team and 3 subcontracting teams
  •           Introduction and preparation for the round of negotiations 
  •           Feedback and coaching
  •           Each team develops the content of a LOI
  • Further rounds of negotiations about the contents of the contract and the specifications stipulated by the legal department 
  • Feedback and coaching 
  • Final round of negotiations 

2. Day

  • Game analysis
  • Lessons learned and transfer of learning into daily working routines 

What do the participants learn?

  • Legal negotiation training
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Letter of Intent
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Legal alternative solutions
  • Special characterics of business transactions
  • Governing law for international business transactions 

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